Auctions in progress


General principles


In all contacts with the suppliers and potential suppliers, ProCredit Bank will seek to maintain the highest standards of integrity, objectivity, fairness and professionalism. People involved in the process of acquisition for the bank’s activities will follow ProCredit Bank principles on transparency, law, ethics and efficiency.


ProCredit Bank Romania suppliers are selected on the basis of objective criteria. Personal and business contacts between suppliers and employees will be limited to the general concept of partnership relations and cooperation in business. The acquisition will be initiated as a result of a need for a specific good / service in a department / branch / agency.

ProCredit Bank reserves the right to revise specifications, to seek one or more successive submissions or clarification from one or more providers or cancel the process entirely. Bank estimates that, if it is necessary to provide additional information to clarify or revise any part of the request specification, revised or additional material will be available to those who have received it. Providers’ proposals will then be considered to be based on terms of specifications and materials revised.

After submitting the tender, ProCredit Bank has the right to request clarification or explanations from the full content provider on its offer. It is mandatory for the supplier to provide all information as soon as possible. Any offers that remain abstract, not fully clarified in terms of the specifications submitted may be rejected at the full discretion of the Bank.