Stamping machine

The payment orders on paper deposited in this box for two months are the product of an average-size tree. We, at ProCredit Bank, are aware that natural resources are limited and we care heavily about our ecological footprint and thus we decided to save trees. Therefore, instead of the paper payment orders, option no longer available, we inform you that the only way to make payments is by using Internet Banking, option through which, besides supporting our initiative, you will save time and you will benefit from lower costs!




The stamping machines at our 24/7 Zones of the branches enable you to stamp cheque deposit slips, as well as promissory notes, and submit them for processing.


By using the stamping machine, you benefit from:

  • Time saved not having to wait in line at the counter
  • Flexibility, as you are no longer dependent on the bank’s opening hours
  • 24/7 availability – validate and submit cheque deposit slips, as well as promissory notes around the clock