In order to safely carry out our activity in the current situation, it is important to make sure we respect the measures coming from authorities and that each of us takes preventive measures to reduce the risk of spreading the new COVID-19 virus.

For ProCredit Bank, protecting the health and safety of our clients and employees are priorities. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid exposing yourself to any unnecessary risk and respect the protection measures enforced by authorities.

During this period, we recommend you to use the digital channels offered by ProCredit Bank. We make sure that both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking platforms are working in optimum conditions for your banking operations to be done fast and safe from home.

However, if it is necessary to come in one of the ProCredit branches, please be aware of the following:

  • The access in our branches is limited to maximum 3 clients simultaneously
  • Keep the minimum distance of 1.5 m from the next client
  • Use the hand sanitizer dispensers within the unit

ProCredit Bank branches keep the normal working program, Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 15:00

Besides the working hours, the 24/7 Zones are available non-stop for urgent transactions that cannot be done through digital channels.

ProCredit ATMs are normally operating and periodically supplied. For your own safety, however, we recommend using your contactless card at the POS and other digital channels for your payments.

Together we are safer

Because we want to be here for our clients, we make efforts to support them in getting through this difficult time.

We facilitated the online account opening process for private individuals. Here https://www.procreditbank-direct.com/romania/en/form you can register your personal data to easy open a current account, from the comfort of your home, without meeting with a client advisor.

We continue to support the Romanian business environment, especially during this time. We came with new tailored solutions for our clients in order to ensure the continuity of their activity. ProCredit Bank assists both direct and indirect affected clients during this pandemic.

Prevention measures

Avoid crowded places
Use your card for everyday payments
Respect authorities’ guidelines regarding public health
Avoid cash transactions
Keep your distance from other people

It is good to be informed but at the same time, make sure your sources are official.

Authorities’ official communication channels

We are here for you!

For any further information or assistance, we are at your disposal either at the phone number 0372-100.200 or at 021-201.55.55, or by email at ROU.ProcreditCallCenter@procredit-group.com.