Fitch Ratings

At the end of May 2016, Fitch Ratings confirmed its investment grade rating of BBB- with a stable outlook for ProCredit Bank Romania, the only bank in Romania with 100% German shareholders. The viability rating of the institution was also confirmed at b+. The stability of the ratings from one year to another highlights the bank’s steady profitability and the high quality of the loan portfolio.


The current rating also takes into account the support that ProCredit Holding AG, the main shareholder and parent company of ProCredit Bank, provides to its Romanian subsidiary. Furthermore, the rating of ProCredit Holding was confirmed at BBB/Stable.


In 2015, according to the audited financial data, ProCredit Bank Romania recorded a net profit of over RON 8 million, which highlights the stability of the institution over the years.



The rating is also a vote of confidence in ProCredit Bank’s strategy and competitive advantage in the SME target group based on our specialised experience and know how. Since last year, ProCredit Bank has invested heavily in its branch network, including the implementation of modern and convenient 24/7 banking zones, with the aim of providing comprehensive, modern and easily accessible banking services for both business clients and private individuals. We pride ourselves on our high quality customer care and our individualised approach.