Exchange rates at: 03/05/2024

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Code Currency NBR Exchange Rate Non-cash transactions * Updated on Date Updated on Time
Valid for amounts up to 10000 EUR / USD / GBP Valid for amounts equal or above 10000 EUR / USD / GBP
Buy Sell Buy Sell
GBP BRITISH POUND 5.8041 5.7050 5.9181 5.7449 5.8767 03/05/2024 14:05:29
USD US DOLLARS 4.5788 4.5140 4.6532 4.5456 4.6206 03/05/2024 14:05:29
EUR EURO 4.9698 4.9100 5.0350 4.9444 4.9998 03/05/2024 14:05:29

* Note: the exchange rate is updated every 4 minutes. The non-cash exchange rate also applies to transactions conducted via Internet banking, regardless of the amount.

* For account transactions in amounts greater than 20,000 EUR / USD / GBP, the exchange rate will be subject to negotiation. To request the negotiated rate go to the Transfers menu, then to the submenu Between accounts - Exchange rate in the ProB@nking Plus application. As soon as possible we will come back with a special rate, and after receiving the customer's confirmation, we will carry out the transaction according to the processing limits here.