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In order to support their international business relationships throughout Southeast Europe, ProCredit clients can take advantage of the ProPay payment system within its network of banks in the region.

Using this system, payment orders can be made to eleven banks – all members of the ProCredit network of banks in South Eastern Europe and Germany – under highly favorable conditions in a very short period of time.


Who can use the ProPay service?

Clients of ProCredit Banks in the region: private clients, institutions or companies with offices in the countries in which ProCredit banks operate.


Where can the ProPay service be used?

Germany, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria Georgia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo and Ukraine.


Why use ProPay?

In order to carry out commercial payments in the fastest and most economic manner possible.

Advantages of using ProPay:

  • Low cost - 5.51 Lei for transfers under 50.000 Lei and 15 Lei for transfers over 50.000 Lei, between ProCredit branches;
  • No commission charged to the beneficiary of the funds;
  • Speed - transfers are carried out within one day and funds are paid into the recipient’s account at a ProCredit bank the same day.

How does it work?

Only outgoing transfers ordered via e-banking can benefit from the ProPay system.

ProCredit Bank carries out the payment within three hours and the money is credited to the payee’s ProCredit account the same day. 

Both the issuer of the order and the beneficiary must have a current account at ProCredit Bank.


For additional information, please call the Info Center or address your question to our client advisers.


International payments


Business without borders

ProCredit Bank strives to develop a relationship with its clients, but also aims to facilitate business ties between its clients and their business partners. In a dynamic international economic environment, speed and ease are essential to achieving smooth business relationships.

To this end, in addition to our ProPay service, which only applies to countries in the ProCredit network, ProCredit Bank offers you fast and reliable international payment facilities at competitive prices for Internet banking transfers.


Thus, when conducting international payments outside of the ProCredit network through the internet banking service, you benefit from:

·         Speed

·         No fees charged for international incoming transactions

·         Competitive fees




For additional information, please contact our Call Center or ask one of our client advisers at any ProCredit Bank outlet.