Co-financing for projects financed from European funds

AgroInvest European Funds


“I would like to access the European funds for investments. What solution does ProCredit Bank offer me for the full financing of my project?”


The product is dedicated to co-financing of projects sustained through European funds and it allows financing of the entire project, including non-eligible expenses. It is granted over a period of up to 15 years, and it offers great flexibility of the repayment method: you can apply for a grace period (total or standard) or repayment in seasonal instalments (you pay instalments only in the months after harvesting, with 0 instalments for the rest of the year).


For the beneficiaries of European funds under the measures no.112, 121, 123, 312 (and other P.N.D.R. measures – for more details, please go to, ProCredit Bank offers a profitable co-financing option.


Based on the financing file, you can also obtain, upon request:

  • a Comfort Letter;
  • the issue of a letter of guarantee (if needed);
  • a credit line for unforeseen expenses.


In addition, with the AgroInvest European Funds Loan:


  • You enjoy flexibility as to the guarantee conditions: we accept any king of collateral, depending on the specificity of the business, the amount and the lending period;
  • The loan can be also covered partially with collateral from the Guarantee Fund for Rural Loans;
  • You can choose a convenient repayment method:
  • You can pay partially the loan from ProCredit Bank when you collect the non-refundable amounts or
  • You can opt to keep the amounts collected from European funds for other investments and pay instalments to ProCredit Bank until the full repayment of the loan.
  • You use your resources in an efficient manner, as you enjoy full financing  of your project;
  • It is easier for you to manage your liquidities because you have a repayment plan tailored to your needs;
  • You know from the beginning all the costs incurred.



AgroAutomat credit line


“How do I meet unforeseen expenses which occur when implementing a project financed from European Funds?”


If you apply at ProCredit Bank for the co-financing of a project financed by European funds, you can also obtain, upon request and within the same credit file, an additional lending facility: the AgroAutomat credit line. This offers you ease and safety in the implementation of your project. Thus, the beneficiaries of an AgroInvest – European Funds loan can obtain, simultaneously, a credit line of up to 10% of the loan amount (but no more than LEI 60,000), over a period of 12 months.



With the AgroAutomat credit line you get to cover all unexpected expenses which appear during the project implementation:

  • Expenses caused by equipment transport and installation;
  • FX differences;
  • Any other expenses.


In addition:

  • You gain flexibility and financial safety;
  • You gain time, with the same analysis of the credit file;
  • You enjoy flexibility as to the guarantee of the loan, because you do not need to provide mortgages.
  • The disbursement is rapid;
  • You know from the beginning all the costs incurred.


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