Investment loans



“I need my investment product to be financed 100%. Does ProCredit Bank offer me this possibility?”


If you have at least one season worth of agricultural experience, ProCredit Bank offers you financing for any investment necessary to your agricultural undertaking. Thus, the AgroInvest loan allows you complete financing of your agricultural investment project, over a maximum period of 15 years. With the AgroInvest loan you can finance solaria, greenhouses or warehouses; you can purchase arable land; you can buy tractors, harvesters, animal husbandry equipment, utility cars and any other agricultural tools.




In addition,

  • You use your resources in an efficient manner, as you enjoy full financing  of your project;
  • You can opt for either new or second hand equipment;
  • You can choose aconvenient repayment method:
    • You gain time and money for the conclusion of your project, through the grace period of up to 12 months or
    • You can choose to repay the entire loan in seasonal instalments (yearly, you pay 4 instalments after harvesting and you have 0 instalments for the rest of the year)
  • You know from the beginning all the costs incurred


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