Lines of credit / overdraft facilities

Credit Line


“Can I pay any current expense related to my agricultural activity with only one product?”


If you have an agricultural trading company, ProCredit Bank offers you a product which is specially conceived to cover all the needs of the current activity, in LEI or EUR. You enjoy a credit line of up to 12 months with the possibility of extension, without the need to have it covered from your own funds.


In addition:

  • You gain flexibility, by using the credit line for various purposes: paying suppliers, paying current or overdue taxes to the state budget, paying salaries, paying leasing instalments, refinancing credit lines contacted from other financial institutions etc.;
  • You save money, by always paying interest only to the used amounts;
  • You access the credit line rapidly and safely, through the internet banking service - ProB@nking;
  • You obtain the increase of thecredit line limit depending on the needs of your business, over the financing period;
  • You enjoy flexibility as to the analysis and timeliness for the disbursement decision;
  • You know from the beginning all the costs incurred.






“I need liquidity. What facility does ProCredit Bank offer me?”


The overdraft is a product by the means of which you can use at once and without other formalities, up to LEI 200,000 over a period of 6 months (with the possibility of extension), which amounts exceed the available funds from the current account of your company. Thus, you have the possibility of a better management of your liquidities, easily over-passing unforeseen situations.



If you have been a client of ProCredit Bank for at least 6 months, you have an agricultural company and you had collections and payments operations, you can access, anytime, an additional limit in order to support your activity over 6 months with the possibility of extension, thus avoiding the mismatch between collections and payments.


In addition:

  • You solve any urgent payment situation: loan instalments, payment of a cheque, promissory note etc., thus maintaining stable business relationships with your partners;
  • You gain maximum safety as to payments, with no costs if you do not use it;
  • It offers you rapidity and control, as it is available directly in the current account of your company;
  • You can get a limit increase over the financing period, or it extension upon its final maturity;
  • You enjoy flexibility as to the analysis and timeliness for the disbursement decision;
  • You know from the beginningall the costs incurred.



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