Why ProCredit Bank?

We, in ProCredit Bank, believe that together we can make things work better and also that it is easier if you have long term reliable partners by your side, especially in the context of an activity that needs continuity, such as agriculture. We are the only bank with 100% German shareholding structure, we are part of the ProCredit international group and we have been responsibly acting on the Romanian market for over 14 years.


For ProCredit Bank agriculture is a priority for we are aware of the importance of funding agricultural sector and that this has a vital contribution to the local economy development. For farmers, we provide a tailored approach depending on the features of that activity, this being the partnership model that we offer. Thus, we understand our farmers’ businesses, their indebtedness and production capacity and we can grant loans and other financial services responsibly.


We only focus on development-oriented funding and, regardless of the type of your agricultural activity, with ProCredit Bank you will find services especially adapted to your needs; furthermore, you will also benefit from the support of a well-prepared team of advisers.


If you choose ProCredit Bank as your long-term partner:

  • You will get an integrated and transparent offer both for funding, as well as for other banking services: transactions, internet banking, saving products, trade finance etc.
  • You get access to a wide range of investment loans and working capital
  • Due to our partnerships with the European Investment Fund, you get preferential conditions for agricultural producers loans by means of the EU initiative Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme
  • By means of the partnerships with APIA and the National Rural Credit Guarantee Fund we offer advantageous solutions to support your agricultural activity
  • You know that your savings are safe with a German bank