SMART savings at ProCredit Bank

Bucharest, 29 September, 2013


ProCredit Bank,100%-owned German bank,is offering private clients a flexible savings solution: the SMARTaccount. This account isespecially designed for clients who would like to save money, but at the same time have access to their funds at all times. Depending on the client’s financial needs, additional banking services can be added to the SMARTaccountpackage.


The SMART accountcarries a very advantageous interest rateof 5.1% per annum for savings in lei and a rate of 2.5% for savings in euro. These rates are applied to the entire account balance if the balance exceeds either RON 4,000 or EUR 1,000, respectively. Account maintenance fees are RON 2 or EUR 0.50 per month.


In order toprovide clients with flexibility when managingtheir savingsand at the same make it easier to carry out current payments, a debit card can be issued in connection with the SMART account, which allows holders to withdraw cash and make payments to retailers. The debit card is issued at the cost of RON 3.50 / EUR 0.80 per month. Clients who make frequent transactions may also choose to add our ProB@nkingPlus Internet banking service to the SMART account in lei for a total cost of RON 6 per month.


Clients who request this serviceduring the campaign period payno account maintenance feefor the first three months, regardless of which of the three SMARTaccount options they decide upon.


There are no fees for opening a current account, card issuing and maintenanceor Internet Banking activation and maintenance. The fee for cash withdrawalsfrom ProCredit Bank ATMs and card paymentsat merchants in Romania and abroad is0%. A fee of RON 1 is charged per transfer for standarddomestic transactionsmade through Internet Banking for up to EUR 50,000.