Accounts and transactions


Current accounts


“What solution does ProCredit Bank offer me for an easy management of my company’s funds?”


By using the current account you can manage the money that your company rolls every day, in an easier and more efficient way. Hence:

  • You pay your suppliers;
  • You collect the amounts related to the invoices that you issue;
  • You deposit and withdraw cash whenever you need it;
  • You make bank transfers in different currencies: LEI/ EUR/USD/GBP;




In addition, you enjoy:

  • Accessibility: you have access to the amounts from your current account through your card;
  • Flexibility: you can order payments to any company;
  • Full control over any transactions, through the account statement;
  • Availability: you can decide anytime what you want to do with the money from your account, by using the bank’s products and services.
  • Mobility: you have continuous access to ProCredit Bank’s services, through the Internet Banking, so that current transactions can be performed without the need for you to go to the bank.




“I want rapid and flexible access to banking operations and services. What type of transactions can I conclude through ProCredit Bank?”


ProCredit Bank provides you with customized services, which grant you rapid access to your money, through several types of transactions: 

  • Transfers between accounts opened with ProCredit Bank;
  • Transfers to accounts opened with another bank from Romania or abroad;
  • FX operations;
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals, depending on the needs of your business.


In addition, you enjoy:

  • Rapidity when performing current banking operations, so that you have more time for your business;
  • Confidentiality of operations
  • You save money because you receive a reduction of up to 40% of the fees related to the transfers performed through Internet Banking. 


General information regarding the guaranteed deposits