”I want flexibility for the management of my liquidity. What does ProCredit Bank offer me?”


By using Visa Business Electron debit card you have access to the money available in your current account, anywhere, anytime and in conditions of maximum safety. In addition:  

  • You save money, as any transaction made at retailers is free of charge;
  • You save time, since you have the possibility to cash money from any ATM (24/7) from the country or abroad;
  • You enjoy increased safety, thanks to the chip on your card.
  • You gain flexibility for the management of your money, because you can attach up to 5 cards to your current account.


Besides the classic card,ProCredit Bank also offers you the Visa Business Electron Dynamic Card. With the help of this card you simplify the access of your employees to the company account. Hence: 


  • You can give limited access to your company account to one or more employees;
  • It is ideal for your employees who make frequent business trips in the country and abroad or those who handle the supply of the company;
  • You can control on a daily basis the access of your employees to the company money;
  • You monitor transactions made by each employee at the ATM or retailers, with the card;
  • You change the card usage limits easily(the value or number of transactions) for each employee;
  • You save time and you enjoy flexibility.


Starting from 1 July 2014, thanks to an agreement between ProCredit Bank and Euronet, you will be able to use your card in over 400 additional ATMs on the same terms and conditions as apply to ProCredit Bank ATMs.


The withdrawal limit per transaction from Euronet ATMs is ROL 2000. To withdraw a larger amount, you can perform as many transactions as you want as long as you do not exceed the daily limit on the card.


From 1 August 2014, if you withdraw cash from an ATM operated by one of the following banks – Volksbank, Banca Românească, ATE Bank, Cyprus Bank, Piraeus Bank and Libra Bank – the standard withdrawal fee will apply (according to the currently valid price list).

For additional information on the Euronet ATM network, please contact us at: 0372.100.200 or



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