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Letter of guarantee


“Stable relationships with my business partners are essential for me. What does ProCredit Bank offer me for this?”


The letter of guarantee is the instrument that helps you to build a solid partnership. Through this product, ProCredit Bank assumes, together with you, the payment obligation towards your business partners, and because the needs of your company are various, we offer you several types of letters of guarantee: “bid participation bond”, “retention bond”, “payment bond”, “performance bond”, “temporary admission bond” etc.


  • They answer any need, and they are issued both in LEI, and in EUR;
  • The issuance formalities are simple and rapid, thus being time-saving;
  • You choose whether the issuance is based on a collateral deposit or a credit line;
  • No additional fee for emergency issuance of letters of guarantee based on a collateral deposit.

In order to request a letter of guarantee, please fill out the following form.


Documentary Letter of Credit


“What solutions does ProCredit Bank offer me for my transactions with external business partners?”


In order to protect you against the risks which can occur in an export or import trading transaction, we recommend you two safe and efficient payment instruments: the Documentary Letter of Credit and the Documentary Collection Letter.


Do you want to import certain goods, but you need to pay in advance and you do not have the certainty that you will receive them on the established date?


If you choose the Documentary Letter of Credit or Collection Letter, ProCredit Bank is your direct collaborator who monitors the observance of the conditions from the trading contract signed between you and your business partner.

  • You will receive the ordered goods on the established date and with the quality which was agreed upon;
  • Your collaborator collects the value of the delivered goods according to the contract clauses;
  • You set the bases of a trustworthy and profitable collaboration, from the beginning.