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“Does ProCredit Bank offer me 100% financing of my project, or do I need to have the money for a down-payment?”


All you need is the idea for the investment plan and ProCredit Bank takes care of the rest. We can grant you funds in EUR or LEI, depending on the investment that you will make, over a period of 15 years. 


  • You obtain the full financing of the investment project, without blocking your own financial resources;
  • Together, we agree upon a repayment plan that suits you, adjusted to the specificity of your business;
  • We grant you time and money to complete the project, through a grace period of up to 12 months;
  • You can also use this loan in order to refinance your investment loans obtained from other financial institutions;
  • You enjoy flexibility as to the analysis and timeliness for the disbursement decision;
  • You know from the beginning all the costs incurred.
  • At ProCredit Bank you are permanently assisted by a client adviser dedicated to your business, who is there to answer and counsel you as to the products and services which best suit your business. This is an advantage, as it offers you a direct relationship with us, along with added accessibility and flexibility.


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