Full funding for European Projects
Full funding for European Projects
  • Bridge loan until the repayment of the grant
  • Loan facilities for ineligible amounts of the project
  • Loan facilities for the VAT, related to the project
  • Financing for the entire investment related to the project through a single loan facility
  • Pre-financing/advance guarantee through Bank Guarantee Letters
  • Various eligible destinations for the financing of projects in the Agro, Business and Green categories

Why choose ProCredit Bank?

ProCredit Bank is here to support you and your business with loan facilities for European Projects with Non-refundable grants.

In addition to the benefits offered by our personalized approach, adapted to the needs of your business in terms of lending, you also have:

  • Account opening 100% online
  • 100% online authorization on the business account of individuals within the company
  • Bank Guarantee Letter within 24 hours*
  • Dedicated banking advisor
  • Consultancy for accessing the right financing solution
  • Quick response
  • Personalized approach
  • Pre-approved credit limit available 12 months

Plan your future with confidence, we are her for you!

Apply here and get financing for your next project.

*for ProCredit Bank clients with a pre-approved limit for Bank Guarantee Letters.