Free charging for the first 1000 km
Free charging for the first 1000 km

If you successfully apply for the ProGreen Auto Loan between 22.03 - 06.11.2023, you can benefit from free charging in the EVconnect charging network for the first 1000 km* driven with your purchased car.

Attractive interest rates and ZERO down payment
Attractive interest rates and ZERO down payment

Access the ProGreen Auto Loan for new electric and plug-in hybrid cars and choose between a variable IRCC + 3.28%** or a fixed 10%** annual interest rate for amounts up to €50,000 (RON equivalent) with 0 down payment.

+ 10% of the car's value for road expenses
+ 10% of the car's value for road expenses

You can apply for additional financing of up to 10% of the car's acquisition value for road expenses, such as the purchase and installation of a electrical charging station or the buying of car accessories.

Sustainable from the first turn

With the ProGreen Auto Loan we aim to support the transition to environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Electric and plug-in hybrid cars remain the most sustainable options, with minimal environmental impact. In addition, these cars generally have lower maintenance costs and come with other tax benefits.

The credit is aimed at those who want to buy new electric or plug-in hybrid cars.

Everything you need to know about the ProGreen Auto Loan

About the product

  • Loan period: up to 5 years
  • Loan amount: up to 50.000 EURO (equivalent in LEI)
  • Annual interest rate: fixed 10%** or variable IRCC + 3.28%**
  • ZERO down payment
  • No granting fee
  • The ProGreen Auto Loan is granted in LEI based on the required documentation
  • The guarantee required is the contract of collateral security (pledge) on the vehicle, concluded with the bank

Eligibility conditions

  • You are a Romanian citizen, resident in Romania and aged between 18 and 65 years (at the last due date of the loan)
  • You have been employed at least 1 year, of which the last 3 months at your current job or you receive income from independent activities (or dividends)
  • You receive a monthly income registered with ANAF of at least 2,250 LEI

Product advantages

  • New customers can apply online for a loan, right from the time they open an account
  • The loan is also available for customers who access the Rabla Plus Programme
  • Access to the EVconnect charging grid which includes over 650 electrical charging stations across the country
  • CASCO insurance is not compulsory

Terms and conditions

The campaign will run between 22.03 - 06.11.2023 and is available to both new and existing customers. For more details please see the Campaign Guidelines here.

*The calculation was made at an average price of 2.25 lei/kWh, taking into account both the price for stations using alternating current and discontinuous current (AC/DC), as well as the different prices of the suppliers in the market, with an average consumption calculated of 16.43kWh/100km (average made using the consumption of several models of electric cars that are popular on the Romanian market). The number of kilometres may vary depending on the car model, as well as on the circumstances and conditions in which the car is driven (outside temperature, speed and distance travelled, use of air conditioning, topography, road conditions, etc).

**Annual interest rate available for customers who encash their salary in a current account at ProCredit Bank.

Calculation examples:

For a loan amounting to LEI 100,000, granted for a period of 5 years, with a registration cost in the electronic file of LEI 300 and fixed annual interest rate of 10%, APR = 10.61%, monthly rate = LEI 2,126, total amount payable = LEI 127.783.

For a loan amounting to LEI 100,000, granted for a period of 5 years, with a cost of registration in the electronic file of LEI 300 and variable annual interest of IRCC + 3.28%, APR = 9.76%, monthly instalment = LEI 2,087, total amount payable = LEI 125.510.

The variation of the reference index in the variable interest component, the change in own income, could affect the ability to pay the loan instalments.

The DAE value is determined for information purposes and is subject to change.