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Various destinations for SMEs

Companies can apply from financing for various investments such as modernization, energy-efficient equipment, machinery, and electrical equipment.

Additionally, you can benefit from extended maturity for your investments of up to 15 years.

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Dedicated support for farmers

We support farmers by facilitating access to loans for agricultural land, silos, equipment for conservation agriculture and digitalization.

Additionally, ProCredit Bank prioritizes financing for these investments and provides dedicated support to clients.

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Complete financing for green investments

Companies looking to reduce electricity costs through investments in photovoltaic panels can receive full support for the entire project.

Additionally, ProCredit Bank prioritizes financing for these investments and provides dedicated support to clients.

You have every reason to apply for the InvestEU loan at ProCredit Bank.
  • Benefit from advantageous loans in Lei and Euro
  • Loans for investments and/or working capital
  • Zero down payment
  • Extended maturity of up to 15 years
  • Reduced need for solid guarantees through EIF
  • Customized repayment plan based on your business model
Full funding for European Projects

How do I apply for financing at ProCredit Bank?

1. Fill out the contact form and talk to a representative

Fill out the form here, and an advisor will contact you to discuss more about your future plans. The InvestEU program involves a series of eligibility conditions, but you will receive the necessary consultancy to find the appropriate financing solution.

2. Open an account 100% online and submit analysis documents

You can already open a business account 100% online right here. Once you become a client, your dedicated advisor will request all the necessary documents to start the credit analysis.

3. Digitally sign the loan contract online, without coming to the bank

If everything is in order according to the analysis, you can sign the contracts from wherever you are. At ProCredit Bank, you benefit from digital signatures in relationship with the bank.

Why choose ProCredit Bank?

ProCredit Bank is there for you and your business!

In addition to the benefits provided by our 360 approach for lending, you have:

  • 100% online account opening
  • 100% online authorization of persons on the business account
  • Possibility to access a Bank Guarantee Letter within 24 hours
  • Dedicated Business Advisor
  • Complete consultancy for accessing the right financing.
  • Quick response
  • Personalized approach
  • Approval of a financing limit, umbrella type, valid for 12 months

Apply here and get financing for your next project.