Internet Banking

”I want permanent access to all my accounts. What does ProCredit Bank offer me?”


Through ProB@nking Plus – the internet banking application brought to you by ProCredit Bank, you can perform daily banking operations, anytime, with the following advantages: 

  • You save time, since you have access to it 24/7 from any computer connected to the Internet;
  • You perform any national and/or international banking operation, with maximum safety (approval via MobileSign);
  • You hold complete control, by the easy monitoring of all the transactions from the company’s accounts;
  • You enjoy flexibility, performing operations with any partner, without bank’s intervention.



ProB@nking Plus is a modern instrument allowing a continuous access to ProCredit Bank’s services, only with the help of a computer connected to the Internet, without the need for you to come to the bank’s counters.


In order for you to access the ProB@nking Plus service, you should open the web page:, a page secured and certified by ProCredit Bank Romania, or the site and then access the Internet Banking button.

ProB@nking Plus